Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm back!!

A new school, a whole new lease of life!!

Four hours of formal academic learning per week (ie: learning to read, write and count)

Outgrowing all my clothese at the speed of light but doing great Michael Jackson impressions (neither are obligatory parts of the school syllabus)

a simply adorable, toothless smile (I swallow teeth as they fall, I need the roughage)

enjoying my class of six kids and two teachers and lots of fun!
I LOVE the weekly horseriding

Not sure a caption is required here ...

 Abigail's great chumbly Emma during their weekly skating routine ..

I have that bruising technique mastered a treat now! Get them where it shows, I say!

training to surpass Picasso standards
spoiled by Father Christmas

'Tout Doux' the pony again

Fun with best friend Sarah - shame we can't share her face cos she is soooooooooooooo cute!!

we'll be back very soon to celebrate my seventh birthday !!!!  so pleased to be blogging again!!!

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Abigail said...

And we are so pleased to see you have returned!! Now hop on a plane to Utah and give Mandorallyn a lesson in skating, because she is not so good at it and you are obviously skilled!