Tuesday, August 24, 2010

French Princess meets Belgian Prince

Woo Hoooo!!! How I love summer holidays!
We just got back from Belgium where we had a splendiferous time with Prince Augustin and his adooooorable parents....

But first, we had to get there.

So we caught a TGV train ... that was fun.

Mama had planned heaps of activities to keep us busy during our four-hour train journey

So whilst I ate the accessories, the boys built balloon men ...

(just for the record, William had to go discretely pop the balloons in the mens toilets before we disembarked - how do you transport ten balloons and a royal march with her thousands of suitcases after all?!!)
Eventually we got to Bruxelles and had a nose around... its a nice place for a Princess, must be said!

And then we went to watch a little boy do wee wee in a large basin ..... maybe in Belgium they don't have electronic song-singing potties like they do in my neck of the woods.

Apparently he's really famous .... called the Mannequin Piss!!!

Then we went to visit his sister on the other side of the Grande Place ....

And then it was time to go meet Prince Augustin and his parents! Yoopeee! We were all so excited ... Mama and Stephanie have been talking on facebook for three years, and at long last decided enough was enough : it was time to meet up!

Like myself, Augustin is genetically enhanced ... it was extraordinary to meet a little boy who I had to much to share with ... we got on so well!

He then took us all back to his Palace in the remote Belgian countryside where Mama and Stephanie did lots of bonding: Mama likes Stephanie a lot!

Augustin and I also got down to business on the bonding front - look at this first kiss!

I also took quite a fancy to Augustin's Papa - he speaks our private language very well I must say!

Augustin and I played and laughed and chased after each other around the garden for two whole days - what a Royal Adventure!

Stephanie spent lots of time enjoying being gently pummelled by both of us ... Stephanie I love you too!

Diego and I discussed the economic crisis and its disastrous ramifications on the price of royal clothing...
and Augustin and I continued to play play play play
(note that I rarely play 'with' other kids - but with Augustin it was different ... finally someone who understood Princess Me and who I could communicate with in my own personal way. And Augustin loved spending time with someone so like himself too. We had SO much fun! Augustin is a darling, such a royal Prince)

We even shared some toilet experiences!

and bathtime too!

Thank you Augustin, Stephanie and Diego for being such very special people in our lives!
We love you!


Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely post, Princess!

How I LOVE seeing your happiness and many life adventures! I am so pleased to see the joy of Queen Mum also with your two brother princes.

Dr. B

lisa said...

nice blog and full of experiences. all them for me show happiness. hi... i'm lisa from indonesia, asia. it's good to know you and your family...

Terena said...

what a lovely trip, dear Princess. It's good to spend time with other royals. I'm really jealous of the fact you can get on a train and go to another country! In the US, I can get on a train and go to... Iowa.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I love the picture of Princess Abigail meeting Prince Augustin (sorry for the extra e in my comment on the video). Princess Abigail, it's obvious from that picture that you will be life long friends! Total acceptance. Pure beauty! I'm so glad you have met such a wonderful friend!