Friday, September 11, 2009

Mama Bulletin

Abigail has been evacuated!

A case of swine flu has been diagnosed in Nathan’s school …. So Abigail has been swept away to safety with her grandparents to protect her from a flu virus which is potentially lethal for her, less so to her brothers and parents. She won’t be around much in the days to come …. And we don’t want to go visit her lest we infect her ….

So this is Mama’s live “Abigail post”, as the Princess isn’t here to type one herself! I miss her so much …. I realize I’m over-reacting just a tincy wincy bit, but I really don’t want to take any chances with her health …. I’m a really crappy poker player cos I never take any chances…

Anyway – back to Abi. Get a load of this:

Dring Dring …. Dring Dring


“Yes, Mme Bernard, this is the school’s headmistress speaking”

(sinking feeling in stomach – Oh god, WHAT has Nathan done now?)

“Bonjour Madame”

“School starts tomorrow, as you know. We are looking forward to meeting Abigail. We have an AVS all ready for her”

(An AVS is a full-time person appointed exclusively to look after a disabled child in the classroom).

“What? …”

Powerful silence

“I’m her teacher for the year. I have read through all her file, and I feel like I know her. I can’t wait to meet her. What time are you bringing her in?”

Strange feeling of elated joy and discomfort at the fact that I had forgotten to warn the school she wouldn’t be starting until next January at the earliest.

“Well, its just that … her CAMSP centre encouraged us to wait a while … they feel she’s not ready yet and that if she went now, it would just put her off school for ever”.

“Oh that’s not a problem at all Mme Bernard. We can wait until January. But promise me you will bring her to the class from time to time so we can get to know her and get her used to her new class”

“Wow, that is so kind of you, yes, of course, I will do that”

“I want you to know I am particularly motivated about Abigail. You know, I’m a Mum too, and for me, Abigail is just like any other child”

Tears brimming now. Am I really hearing this?

“I want to meet her. We all want to meet her. You will bring her in, won’t you?”

“Yes of course I will. You have no idea how happy your words are making me. Thank you”

“My pleasure Mme Bernard” (I think she’s choking up now too) “See you soon”


Is Abigail the most blessed little girl in the whole wide world or what???!!!

End of Mama Bulletin
ps: Abigail, I know you won't like this ... but I loved those clothes! My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I want onto ebay and looked up Matilda Jane ... and then I visited their site and intend to purchase loads of stuff. Thanks for the tip-off ! Crazy clothes and my Princess go together so well!


Abigail said...

My dear friend, if you would like, I can make you some knot dresses like the Matilda Jane ones, those are within my power of creation. The adorable ruffle knit pants, not so much, but funky-mis-matched apron dresses I can do. And peasant tops. Just email me Abigail's current measurements.

How fabulous that Abigail will have such a wonderful teacher!

I fully support erring on the side of caution in regard to her health!!

Jennie said...

That conversation with Abigail's teacher brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful for all of you!

datri said...

What a wonderful teacher. Why can't they all be like that? Swine flu -- yikes!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful message to receive from the school!

I pray she will be protected from life-threatening illness.


terena said...

I understand being so careful about swine flu. I am terrified for Queen Teen and am watching the situation carefully. I will keep her home if there's an outbreak.

Her new teacher sounds WONDERFUL. I am so happy for you

Katy said...

That sounds like a fabulous place for the Princess!

The swine flu is so rampant here that I don't think we can do anything about it. Seems that everyone is either getting that or the regular flu.

mommytoalot said...

What a sweet teacher indeed.
re. the swine Ontario they are not even testing for it (when you go in to the doc's for the flu) unless you are so sick you need to be hospitilized..which i think is crazy..but i suppose the labs are backed up.
i did have the flu..and no curly tail i guess it was the seasonal flu after all.
ta ta
keep Abi safe ..