Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter holidays!!!! Yoopeee!!!

I love Easter cos I get to see all my family and us kids get terribly spoiled ...
Easter time is one of my favorite seasons cos ...

Mama takes some time off...

and we get to do lots of gardening together!!!!

I have my own little gardening kit

As my used tools bear witness, I get to do most of the work

I was exhausted after this Easter's gardening session ...

... I wandered indoors for a wee rest ...

... and ten minutes later, this is where Mama found me :

SLAVE LABOUR, that's what I say!

Fortunately, Mama swiftly transferred me to a more Princessly location

I got quite some fantastic gifts from Grandad and the Senior Bernard Bunch!

I had quite a wild time playing with everything...

Easter this year was the beginning of serious potty training :

This may look like I'm clambering up onto my potty. Well that's not the case.

I just have yet to get the gist of this aiming business ...

I got there eventually!

But I did wait until the potty had been cleared away to deposit a rather large and smelly number two in the front room. It enhances the family ambiance, that's what I say. Still can't figure out why Mama didn't capture the moment on camera. There was certainly a lot of song and dance about it.. grown-ups do work in mysterious ways.

And I got a taste of walking round with my bum in the air ... I wanted to do it all the time! Mama kept looking at me suspiciously, as if she was expecting a delivery or something. Very mysterious behaviour, if you ask me.

On Easter Sunday look at what time me and Mama got up ! This is the first time in the life of the Bernard Bunch! Quite an achievement eh?

But it certainly meant I was bright eyed and bushy tailed all day!

But not for long .... I developed a fever throughout the day and in the end collapsed exhausted all my Papi ... this Easter business is quite exhausting you know!

And I got to wear my fancy girly dress for Nathan's birthday ... I loved all the admiration I got! So much so, that I felt I could have a real spoiled-brat tantrum face - take a look!
But once I got my Lala back, I was back to my charismatic, charming old self.

Oh, life is tough, being a Princess, don't you think?

What did all you guys do for Easter, pray tell?


Abigail said...

Oh what fun you had! How delightful to do some gardening. Only true princesses can do so without getting their gloves dirty! And it made me laugh and laugh to see you sprawled haphazardly on the floor sound asleep!
Your girly dress is so so so beautiful!! How wonderful for you to use the potty! Maddie used it this morning, though originally she didn't want to.

Amber said...

You never cease to amaze me! You are such a big girl...we could certainly use your gardening skills at the Baker house! :0)
I LOVE your fancy grown are!

Anonymous said...

I also admired your regal gown, Princess!

None but you could bring such careful description of learning new skills and how parents respond to the learning. You truly entertain me!

You know I love working among the plants in my yard. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could one day dirty our gloves together? Dr. B.

K said...

OMG sooo cute
I soo enjoyed your photo diary !!

Carmen en solitario said...

Sabes que nunca he dejado de seguirte,aunque he estado una temporada un poco baja de moral,pero es que me encanta verte y me haces sonreir en mis dias tristes ,eres un amor de niña y tu mami es encantadora.. gracias por estar hay y hacerme sentir un poco mas contenta solo por mirarte Abigail.
muchos besos y sigue a si de guapisima y graciosa.

HeatherS said...

Sweet Girl! I am so sorry you had to work so hard in the garden! Such a toil for a princess. You look beautiful in your new dress. Think of you often!

Your friend across the pond!
Princess Samantha and crew

Connor's Mom said...

Hi friend Abigail!

Your mommy made you work so hard. Mommies are mean like that sometimes. My mommy makes me help in the kitchen-- she gives me a pan and a spoon and I have to bang them together really hard and yell alot or nothing gets done. I hope she apreciamates it 'cause it's hard works.

I has been doing the potty thing for a while now, and its okay if it's not the scary potty. The scary potty is in the airport and it goes off when you are sitting on it. This is not a nice thing, and I won't use it anymore. Mommy is not happy with the airport for having scary potties.

I was sicky for Easter, but I did not have to wear a fancy girly dress, so that was okay.



Terri said...

What a lovely Easter--the slave labor is almost made up for by that lovely dress!

I tagged your mom for a motherhood meme if she is interested (and if you don't mind of course, Your Princessness!)

mommytoalot said...

Oh how sweet. Love her exhausted after work photos..tooo cute.
Abby your Easter dress is gorgeous just like you.
hugs hugs and more hugs

Les-soeurettes-mimi said...

CouCou ma biche
tu es trop belle ma cherie j'ai trop adorer la smaine dernere s'etais bien marrent je t'adoooooore