Monday, January 19, 2009

My cousin Lena celebrates being two with me!

Lena is two years old!
There was lots of celebration going on at the Bernard Bunch household this weekend!

Lena drooled a lot over her candle, but eventually managed a huge great BLOOOOWW!
(with only the smallest of assistance from Nathan)

I gave her the Big Hungry Caterpillar to introduce her to the world of CBCL
(Classic British Child Literature - a Mama term methinks)

Lena's Mama read her the book with a BFA
(Byootifool Frrench Accente)

I got to snog my GORGEOUS Godfather all day

Mama forced me to publish these three piccies
cos she says they capture some typically 'me' expressions...

"Um .... Lena ... um ... can I open your presents too???"

This is me on my computer next to where Mama sits to help me write my blog

Lena and I "played together" in my bedroom

and wrestled in the front room ...
to the great amusement of the Bernard Clan at large!
My brothers and my cousins were exceptionally sociable ... computers and Nintendos do not do a lot for social gatherings, believe me!!

This morning...

Nathan left on a school skiing week ...
Mama misses him already
(she's such a wuss when it comes to her brood being away from her)
Nathan couldn't wait to leave though!

And once his was bus was nosing off towards the Alps
My day went on as per normal...
Monday morning creche ...

I'm always so happy to be there
that I rarely even notice Mama is still there,
never mind actually say 'Au Revoir'!

I am off to my Grand-parents for the week,
so Mama will be without two of her offspring ...
William will have her all to himself!
I reckon he's in for quite a spoiling,
cos Mama gets very broody with her chicks are away!

I'm looking forward to going to Mamie and Papi's house,
because I get upgraded from mere 'Princess' status
to full-blown 'QUEEN' status!!

Au revoir mes amis, et a bientot!
Click here to view a video of Lena and I mucking around this weekend!


Amber said...

Wow...quite a weekend! it me..or is your hair getting shorter??? How is your mama going to put it up in hair ties and bows if it keeps shrinking? ;^)

Loved all of the pictures and hope that you all have a wonderful week...while on your own adventures!

Abigail said...

What a fun party and how great that you get to go stay with your grandparents!! Have tons of fun and get spoiled more than William!

popo said...


mommytoalot said...

awww your Abigail is a pretty princess.
Love the pictures.
Looks like a very fun weekend.

The Rambler said...

Visiting from SITS...(part of the awesome welcoming wagon gang.)

Your Abigail is beautiful! :)