Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mama is a bit disconcerted as reality kicks in

"Driiing " ...

" Driing ..."


"Bonjour. I'd like to speak to the Directress, Mrs SauvXXX please"

"Just a moment please"

(muffled waiting sounds)

"Oui, Alloo?"

"Hi. My name is Alison Bernard. I'm Abigail's Mama."


"Mrs Bernard. I applied in June for a place for my little girl. I want her to go to the local village Creche two half days a week. Please"

"hmmm ... let me see ... can't seem to find the application ... " (sounds of ferreting through a disorganised deskload of papers) (the last comment is very subjective!)

"What did you same her name was?"


"OH". "Her". "The disabled one"

"Hmm Hmmm. thats right"

(irritated, impatient grunt)

"Listen, we already have a 'difficult' child. Its difficult for us to look after two of them"

"MMMmmm" (ironic tone)

"My daughter is part of the CAMSP programme. (a Government Social Security Programme aimed at integrating children with disabilities into every day social life).

'Right. Well you tell your Dr at your CAMSP that I want a Doctor's certificate and explanation. I don't want two of them. Its hard enough as it is."

"I will send you the Doctors certificate"

"Good. And I'll have her sent to the other Creche. We don't want two of them in the same Creche"

(Editors note : Mamas eyes are just about popping out of her head at this stage).

Oddly, Mama is not in a very happy mood tonight. Not for lack of my trying to make her laugh! Get a load of this!!!

Mama's sole consolation tonight is that my glasses-rebellion appears to have semi subsided


Amber said...

This is ABSOLUTE MADNESS!!!! I have no tolerance....tell your mama to get me the tele #....I'll deal with her and...."those"!!!!!

Now I'm all fired up.....

AbbyDawn said...

How very rude! They should met Abigail before deciding she's difficult. I'm sure there are children with disabilities who are difficult, but that's horrible to assume all are! Abigail you should go show them how you are just as fabulous have have just as many abilities as the rest of those tiny tots!!!

HeatherS said...

Don't they know she is a Princess???!!! Royalty does not deal with rudeness.

Honestly, this is ridiculous. I can't believe they said that!

Princess Abigail said...

Thank you, friends.
Your words and thoughts are very comforting to me.

Isabelle said...

As a fellow Princess I do not naturally have evil thoughts HOWEVER give me his address and I will post dog poo through his letter box.

jėss.T said...

whatever man! just dun give a rat's ass about what ppl say. chin up my dear and what's most important are the pplclose to u. others? *phooooi!*

btw dear, i entered a contest. pls pls pls vote for me~!!!!

Megan said...

Oh what a twat! How rude. I think you are perfect Abigail. And if we were in the same continent, I would watch you anytime!

Nicole said...

You have GOT to be kidding. Unreal. Have they even met her yet? Oh someone needs a few lessons. HUGS and I hope you and Abigail have the chance to give it to them....the lessons that is. :)

Tamara said...

Wow, I am so shocked by this ladies bluntness! I really think that she needs to find another job somewhere else.... this seems not to be a good fit for her!

Don't lose hope, keep fighting... you are Abigail's only advocate in this crazy wicked world! What a blessing she is to all of us, a true inspiration!

Princess Abigail, you are a joy, keep smiling at momma and let her know it will all work out!

Blessings, Tamara & Abigail in Colorado

The VW's said...

Unbelievable! I'm so sorry that you have to deal with such ignorance! She could use a lesson in politeness!

I wanted to say thank you for visiting Gavin's site and for your kind words!

Your little Abigail is precious! I love all the pictures! And, you are very funny as well! Thanks for the smiles!

Your definition of the word handicapped the other day was priceless! I love it and how true!

Keep up the great work! And, tell Abigail that Gavin hates his glasses too! Good thing for momma that he isn't mobile yet. When he takes them off, at least I know where to find them! :)


Alicia and Gavin (from Michigan, USA)

The Hernandez Family said...

Well, you know what?!? I work at wonderful daycare school and Abigail can come and play with my class any time she wants!! Be prepared to do lots of fun things, like, play-dought, puzzles, paint, games and lots more!! We love everyone, the more the merrier!!