Thursday, August 28, 2008

RMI results and blog awards

Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you folks, sitting waiting for us on the kitchen table upon our return from Spain was an envelope bearing the results of last months brain RMI .... good news, the epilepsy seems to have seriously regressed (the letter was full of medical blah which Mama only half got, but she subsequently spoke with the paediatrician who said it was good news) and within nine months I should be able to reduce and then cease the Sabril medication. Thank goodness! The RMI did also confirm features of my brain which are typical of children with Jacobsens Syndrome (reduced white matter and a slightly smaller brain) but Mama and I both know that I am a future rocket scientist anyway, and a famous rock star in my free time (I do, after all, LOVE dancing and singing to Mika and Madonna with Mama and my brothers in the front room. We love to make A LOT of noise!).

Mama would also like to thank her lovely Spanish friend Carmen for the award she gave my blog. Please go and check out Carmen's blog - she is adopting a little girl from Ukraine and the road is long but full of hope.


I have described below how the blog works. I speak fluent Spanish because I am an incredibly precocious and intelligent little two year old (whose Mama used to live in Madrid and Mexico) ... so I am relaying the rules in the language I found them in. If you want to have it translated, go see Carmen's blog where there is a language translator :

1. Guardar el premio y citar el enlace de quien te lo dio:

2. Publicar las reglas:

3.- Compartir 6 valores importantes y 6 que no lo son:

Lo que yo valoro:

Positivismo - Carino - Amistad - Sinceridad - Empatia - Lealtad

Lo que no soporto:

Mentira - Segregacion - maldad - violencia - envidia - y otra vez mentira

4.-Otorgar el premio a 6 personas:

Mama has chosen these blogs for me, because they all relate to people who she has met through Internet and who have touched our lives in a very special way. The Bernard Bunch loves the main characters in these blogs very, very much.

Jennie and Micah:

Magdalena and her parents:

Miss Megan :

Abigail and Mandorallyn :

Amber and Gracie :

Dr Boucher (the best therapist in the whole world) :


therextras said...

There is always room for anything from you, Precious Abigail, on my blog. I will come back around later to collect and translate. Most sincere thanks to you and your Momma for this honor. Dr. B.

AbbyDawn said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad you're happy you found us cause I'm happy you found us too!! That's great news that you will be able to cut back on the Sabril!! Woo hoo! Have a fabulous day!!

Amber said...

You are too much!!!! Thank you....
The test results sound very positive to me! If it's any comfort, Gracie (who we know is highly intelligent) has a small brain as well!!! I think that is for special girls ONLY! :^)
Much love, sweet Abigail...