Friday, August 15, 2008

Abigail discovers the sea ....

Adios mis amigos! Hasta muy pronto! Mama esta peleandose con el Cafe Internet para hacer publicar las fotografias - queda mucho mas dificil y lento hacerlo aqui que en Francia! Y se necesita mucha paciencia - los que conocen bien a mi Mama saben que no tiene!!!

Huge snogs from Abi in Sitges who is having a SPLENDID time!!!


Amber said...

This looks FANTASTIC! It's so good to hear/see how you are all know that she is the cutest...don't you??? You also know....I am loving that hair!!!!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

coucou abigail c'est popo !
je vois que tu t'amusse bien profite de la mer ma biche je pense a toi bisou

Megan said...

Oh how precious!!! I love her little purple suit!!

Les Trois Aces... said...

coucou Aby tu es en super forme je vois que n'a pas peur de la mer tout comme Eva profite bien de tes vacances au soleil à bientôt big bisous à tous

AbbyDawn said...

Gorgeous!!! Love your swimsuit Abigail! It's good to see you're having a great time! Gorgeous city!

Barbara said...

I think purple befits your royal status, Princess. Looks good on you, too!

Bird said...

Ok, so I didn't understand all of that, but those pig tails are too cute! Looks like a wonderful time.

Pippa said...

Hola Abigail

Me encanta que te gusta la mar y te pasa bien en Sitges.

Tu mama escribe español muy bien.

Hasta luego.


PS Sitges is a long long way from me!

Amber said...

Abigail.....I was so pleased to look at the "count down" and see that you will be returning in 9 days...I'm so selfish, I'm almost ashamed of myself! I am so hoping that you all come back refreshed!!! Tell your mama...she has been desperately missed!

Anonymous said...

Coucou Abigail c'est ta grande soeur sur notre blog il y a une histoire formidable que j'ai ecrite elle parle de nous 2 !!! bisous

Rob at Kintropy said...

Looks like you had a great time at the beach - nothing like swimming through the waves, right? Glad you're having a great time (and that Mom found an internet cafe to tell us all about it ;-)

jėss.T said...

gosh. ur beach pics looks so nice!
and i'm sure yr brothers will grow up to be fine stunning young (not to mention hot) men!~!!!!


frm the malaysian beaches

Megan said...

Hope you guys are still having a fantastic time! I miss reading about your life! Hugs & Kisses!

Anonymous said...

bonjour Abigail
c'est pauline , jespere que tu vas bien , g hate de te faire un gros gros gros mimi popo

Anonymous said...

bonjour Abigail
c'est pauline , jespere que tu vas bien , g hate de te faire un gros gros gros mimi popo

Eseya, Muñecas con historia said...

Que linda playa!! Aqui hay muchas y muy lindas.

Te agradezco tanto Abi que me tengas siempre presente. Eres un sol al igual que tu mama.
Siempre visito tu blog aunque muchas veces no dejo mensaje.

He quedado maravillada con lo valiente que eres cuando vas a ver al medico, sigue asi preciosa!!

Muchos besos para ti y tu flia!!

Pasate por mi blog y mira a ver si te gusta la ovejita que hice, puedo hacer una para ti.