Friday, July 11, 2008


Abigail had an accident this week which landed her in hospital but she is out now and back home, bouncing and happy and unscathed. Thank you Amber for being Mama's friend in this difficult moment. And thank you for this e-card which we all loved!! And most of all, thank you for your precious friendship. The Bernard Bunch loves the Baker Bunch lots and lots!!


Amber said...

It's a mutual thing my friend.....
So glad to know that I could bring you any sense of comfort! :^)
Give kisses to sweet Abigail, from her crazy, American, Indian friend!
much love....

Anonymous said...

I'm sending my fastest angels to you, Abigail - to add to the group already surrounding you!

I am sooo glad to hear you are alright!

Love, Dr B

jėss.T said...

I practically froze on the spot when u told me u landed in hosp!
dear Lord! thank goodness ur okay dear!


p.s - will definitely blog about tha award. I promise!