Monday, June 9, 2008

Message from Mama in London

Mama flew into London Heathrow late on Sunday night ... and was picked up by kind Uncle Huwie who guided her across London back to his lovely home in Surbiton in South London. Mama is very happy to see her brother again after so many years!!!!!

Hello my darlings!!! Mama misses William, Nathan and Abigail lots and lots and lots AND LOTS

Mama is staying with her brother Uncle Huwie, who by the way, hasn't changed ONE BIT
He is still leading Mama astray with her passion for gin and tonic (light)
the only way to get her to stay long enough in a pub to enable him to watch football matches (snore snore snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

But darlings
I went to the places I know are your favorite places in London
just so you could see for yourselves whether it has changed or not
(by the way, it just SO hasn't!!!!)
Can you see Big Bill and the houses of parliament in the background??

Uncle Huwie doesn't even talk to Mama - all he does is watch that frigging football match. didn't I tell you he handn't changed at all??

Double decker buses, however, are still the same ...

Mama took these pictures of Big Ben especially for William and Nathan who LOVE BIG BEN!!!!

And Mama loves William Nathan and Abigail SOOOOO MUCH!!! Mama misses you SOOOOOO MUCH my little pumpkins!!!!

Big humongous snogs to Papa William Nathan and Mama's princess Abigail, all the way from London! Mama loves you all lots and lots and misses you desperately (although a bit of peace and quiet does NOT go amiss!!!!)

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jėss.T said...

no wonder i havent heard frm yr mama! she's in london now!!

wheeee dats fun!