Friday, June 13, 2008

Mama got back so very, very late last night ...

.. but I bravely sat at the airport in my pyjamas, predator to her arrival so I could smother her with my enthusiasm at seeing her again ... I did make a big song and dance last night when I set eyes on my Mama again!! Four days is a long time, man!!

Mama told me about some of the interesting places she had gone to over the past few days ... all in the honour of ME!!!

She went flag-hunting for Williams benefit ...

and lion-hunting for Nathan's benefit..

and then she decided to capture one of the preciously rare moments when all the Keene siblings get together ... I reckon we should carve these images in stone guys!!!

and she even had the opportunity to stumble across an old mate from Hong Kong - see, even big old London contains some small worlds!! This ginger-nut has a black eye cos he told Mama that her handbag looked like something Barbara Cartland would keep her dog in. Pillock, is all Mama could say about that assertion. She still liked him in this picture. She doesn't now.

Now just for the record, I thought I should tell you that Adeline (remember my psychomotricienne lady????) who I see every Friday, told Mama this morning that I am making tremendous progress (like, uh, duh! that's cos I'm brilliant, man - I don't need a doctors diploma to figure THAT out, do I???) and that I am developing a great sense of 'me' (something to do with self-identity and determining who I am and asserting that person and personality in relation to those around me - looks like I'm doing a pretty good job on that front at the moment). Tis true that life is really fascinating for me at the mo', its like I've never noticed the gold-mine of interesting stuff in my daily environment before now, or at least, prior to be able to walk. Tis invigorating stuff you know. I discovered a tail-less dead lizard in the garden this afternoon. It was sprawled lifeless at the foot of a plant-pot of foul lockness-monster-look-alike-creature-infested water which had apparently brought the poor unassuming lizard's life to an abrupt halt. I found both items of immense interest, much to the detriment of the cleanliness of my clothes and to Mama's pronounced distress. I think this is the kind of thing Adeline must have been referring to. Can't WAIT to find more!!! I have my eye on the rotting hedgehog growing daisies in Mama's rose garden which is particularly compelling ....

ps: it was Papa's birthday today. He blew out his candles with a tincy wincy bit of assistance from me. He didn't seem overly impressed by my choice of cake for this great occasion. My Papa is a bit of a fusspot and he doesn't beat around the bush in making his feelings accurately interpretable. William gave Papa a Nintendo game for his birthday this year. It is aimed at 9-year-old Ninendo players. Papa is 42 today. Nathan gave Papa a reality video of the French football team ... Papa unwrapped it and declared that he knew it was an exceptionally bad film. Mama used the word 'ungrateful' a lot, and a bit loudly. And informed Papa that next year he would get a pair of smelly football socks as a birthday gift. Papa looks ever so slightly disgruntled this evening.

See you soon for more interesting epistles folks!!!


jėss.T said...


yay for abi!!

AbbyDawn said...

That is a fabulous outfit!!! Mandorallyn says you can be twins because she has a similar one in opposite colors!