Sunday, May 11, 2008

Abigail's first MEME experience... ooooh!!!

Rob at Kintropy has assigned me my first blogging challenge, and asked me to share my young but sage widsom and insights! I've never been invited to do one of these before, so bear with me as I try and do my best! As my Mama is useless at this hyperlinking stuff within a text (any advice on the subject most welcome!) you need to go down to my list of friends blogs just below my profile, and click on 'Hannah and Gabriel across the Atlantic" to find out more. Now down to business:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

Hmmm ... methinks that ten years ago I was an ovocyte within my Mama's bits and pieces ... probably pretty much about the time she and my Papa got married. My Papa was SOOOOO handsome the day he married my Mama ... sigh ... he was even skinny at the time. He isn't anymore. Mama was just never skinny ... so she says. She certainly isn't now!! Anyway, all my Mama's family came over from the UK and a huge bus shifted them from the centre of Lyon out to the wine-making Beaujolais country where they celebrated in a wine-making castle ... I hear it was fantastic! Yes, that was ten years ago now, and thats where I was, in two seperate bits - half of me in my Mama, and half of me in my Papa! and that extra bit of 11th chromosome hadn't had time to get lost yet!

2. What are five things on your to-do list today?

This one is soo easy peasy ...

1. today is Sunday, and in France, Sunday morning = cartoons galore on national television. So whilst I type up this blog entry, I am also watching Scooby Doo (in French) with my brothers. I can spend hours and hours watching television ... much to my Mama's dismay ... but my brothers like to use me as an excuse to stay glued to the television.
2. Then I will spend the morning gardening with Mama. She will dig the earth, place it carefully in a pile away from her, and I will carefully replace that pile in the hole she originally extracted it from. Its a very complicated process you know, takes a lot of concentration and enthusiasm. Mama smiles at me a lot whilst I do this, which must mean she's very grateful for the help.
3. Lunchtime .... its Sunday, so Mama will have a Sunday lunch-time well-earned gin and tonic, and I will have potatoes, red meat (I have to have red meat at every meal, hospital orders, cos of my "paris-trousseau low platelets in my blood" condition. Don't ask me what that means, neither me nor my Mama really know, but suffice it to say I LOVE red meat and I don't have any choice!) and green vegetables (to fight my low iron count). Mama will lovingly cook up a delicious meal (sometimes aided by a second gin and tonic as its Sunday lunchtime) which I will gag at cos I STILL don't like any form of solidity in my food, so Mama will then blend it all into a nice soup. This is a great five-star hotel you know!!
4. A nice long sieste with Mama! Which will be interrupted at about 15h cos the boys will be fighting (we have very thin walls in our house) over something very trivial and unimportant. William will probably be pounding into his brother cos he (William) is a bully and Nathan is a provoking little whiner. A Gorgeous Bully and Whiner though. And Papa will probably shout at them and send them to their room to think about things. This is our usual Sunday afternoon sieste 'end' alarm ring.
5. Then we will probably all go for a swim cos Papa has finally cleaned and filled the pool. Its really, really REALLY hot here in France at the moment (we are situated fairly south so we get the brunt of the heat) so that pool plunge will be most welcome!!

I could go on with many more scintillatingly interesting points of things to do today, but Rob assigned me a list of five, and I am the most obedient of the three Bernard Bunch children, so I will stick with his clear assignment.

3. What snacks do you enjoy?
Alas, I am not a snacks person. I'd even go as far as to say I have a little aversion to most things "food", and I really REALLY hate feeding myself. I sometimes accept a little bit of baguette (I am French after all!!) if I'm a bit peckish, but I have to be quite desperate. No I am definitely not a snacks person. I just like my food soup at fixed times, my bottles of milk, and basta. Simplicity is the name of the game, thats what I say!!

4. What would you do if you became a billionaire?

I would, without a shade of doubt, buy every single teletubbies DVD that has ever been let out. I would then proceed to buy every single teletubby memorabilia item that has ever been produced. Then I would probably invite the teletubbies to our house for an afternoon, and they would have to come in their special teletubby-mobile (or I would buy them one with my new financial ressources) and we would eat lots of tubby custard and tubby toast. And I'd buy William and Nathan a new game each for their Nintendo DS. If there was any money left after that (unlikely) I would buy Mama a new garden chalet for all her gardening parafanalia, unending supplies of Haagen Dasz macadamia nut brittle, and I expect my Papa would like a spinking red ferrari and life-long supply of football magazines.

5. What are your bad habits?

I am a Princess. Princesses don't have bad habits.

6. Where have you lived?

I was born in France two years ago and have always lived in the same house that my parents bought precisely cos I was about to land in the family. But my Papa used to live in Montargis which is near Paris, and Mama grew up in Zambia and Luxembourg and studied in Mexico for a while. My brothers have always lived in the region, and I think William is in his third home ... but all in the Lyon area.

7. What are the five most interesting jobs you have had?

Being a princess is the most interesting job one could ever have. It consists in being pampered and spoiled in every possible way, day in, and day out. When I grow up Mama thinks I might be a rocket scientist, but I suspect I will be quite happy to continue being a Princess. Someone has to do it, right?

Some other part time jobs I have include

1. Sleeping until about 9am ... this tends to bite into my activities of the day

2. Climbing up the ladder in Williams or Nathans room to see if I can clamber into their bed and play with the exciting toys they hide up there. The best bit is watching mama SCREAM hysterically when she stumbles across me doing this. The higher up I am when caught, the greater the decibels to the scream. This is one of my favorite jobs, cos it makes me laugh quite a lot.

3. Pushing my baby-pushchair around the house and garden. I still don't like to walk on my own (I AM a Princess after all, and whats the big rush anyway?) but for my birthday my Nanny gave me a pushchair for dolls - now I will walk ANYWHERE with this thing, its great fun!! I could climb mountains with my new pushchair- Mama takes me up and down our road with it, and I use it also to get across the garden and into places where people look like they are doing things they don't want me to know about (like lighting barbecues, cleaning toilets and things). I have a real toilet fettish and like to stick my head down there cos there are always interesting things at the bottom (I live in a household of mostly men, don't forget). This is also one of my (almost) full time jobs at the moment.

4. My main job in this house is making everyone happy. Sometimes my brothers or parents can get a bit crotchety and grouchy, especially when they come home from school or the office. My job is to put a smile back on their face and in their hearts, and I have noticed that I am a real expert in this field. All I have to do is hold out my arms to be picked up, or to shoot one of my gorgeous princess grins across a room, and all my family just melt and revert to happy mode. This is also one of my favorite jobs.

8. Who do you tag to continue the meme fun?

Princess Charlotte, Princess Eva, Pauline and Big Jack. These are the only friends I know who have blogs. Whilst I await anyone's advice in hyperlinking their sites within this paragraph, you will find them listed as my friends, just below my profile.

This was fun! I hope to be 'Meme'd' again soon! Thanks Rob at Kintropy - and tell Hannah we are sending heaps and heaps of positive vibes in preparation for the trach removal next week. What a brilliant step forward for Hannah though!!!


Rob at Kintropy said...


Thanks for giving us your thoughts; I learned so much. Well, I knew that you were a Princess, of course, but I did not know that Sunday morning was cartoon day. We have ours in the States on Saturday. Right now, Gabriel is fascinated by Eon Kid (but also likes Scooby Doo). Hannah wants singing: Daddy and Mommy preferred, Laurie Berkner, a close second. So we need a singing cartoon, I think.

Thanks for your best wishes for Hannah, too. Talk about TV time! She's gonna get loads of it in the hospital. I think she'll be very, very bored, and Daddy's voice will be very, very tired.

Hannah sends her best Princess wave back to you!

Abigail said...

Hi Abigail, this is the other Abigail at, you commented on my blog to ask me if you could put my blog as a hyperlink on your list? I say yes, please do, that is fine with me. I like to have people looking at my blog!
- Abigail

Anonymous said...

hello(: is from singapore! you do love blogging don't you:D keep it up!!
-lots of love,
a random person who stumbled upon your blog(: