Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mama has disappeared to a place called Hong Kong ... boo hoo hoo

When Mama went to Hong Kong last Sunday, she took my birth announcement card with her ...
absolutely everywhere with her

I mean, everywhere.


She couldn't stop thinking for one single minute, about me and my brothers ... even when she was supposedly studying at her desk before the meeting ....

Everywhere she went, she forced all and sundry to think about us too (how embarrassing Mama!!)

Even the Chief Pilot who took her to UK from France (what a nice lady she was : a brilliant recruitment British Airways, that's what I say!!)

not to mention the people doing the 10-hour London-Hong Kong haul with her.

Meet George, a nice boy from London about to study Physics in Bristol now that he has given up architecture at UCL. He's off to do his year-off in Shangai, lucky thing. You do find out a lot about people when squashed into a confined space with them for ten hours, so you do!!

She even found a brilliant local Wanchai hairdresser family who were happy to make her hair look like silk AND proudly display my birth announcement card - not bad going eh???

Mama has ransacked every single market in Wanchai ...

Dear People of Wanchai,

I hereby apologize for your having nothing left to purchase in a single one of your markets. I know, my mother has clean bought bought you out of house and home.

However, her loot is all stocked in her hotel room, as you can see in the photos below.

I am going to look so splendid in the pink silk kimono she has bought for me (personally, I wonder if a kimono isn't more typical of Japan, but hey, I don't intend to upset Mama at this stage - would you???!!!) and my brothers will look so splendiferous in their navy blue samorai outfits (again, not letting myself get uptight about geography here, are you?)

Lots of love
& a bientot

This is what rooms at the Wharney Hotel in Wanchai look like on the Hotels Website

This is what Mama's room at the Wharney Hotel in Wanchai looks like in real life today

Wharney Hotel lobby prior to her arrival:

Wharney Hotel lobby prior to her departure:

and this is my Mama's plane trying to get off the ground despite all the presents she's bringing back for ME ME ME ME!!! doesn't look that easy though does it?

See you soon Mama!!!