Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some of Abigail's favorite people ...

This is Suzi, Mama's best mate ... for some reason I've taken a particular shine to this lady, she's the only person in the whole world I give the most humongous hugs to as soon as I see her. She has good karma man! Mama is terribly fond of her too, and some times they get up to mischief and go hit the town and paint it red!

This is Big Bill with Mama's godson Keelan who belongs to Suzi ... Keelan is just like Mama : loud, boystrous, determined - oh and ever so clever ... probably the only difference with my Mama eh? Mama loves Keelan lots and lots and lots and lots, and has lots of mischievous plots she is secretly submitting for his consideration. Suzi, you didn't really think Keelan thought up the ink-bombs ploy himself did you???!!!

I know I look like I'm dozy, but what would you feel like if you were having your legs massaged by a physiotherapist who looked like that?

I'm all on my own this week with big brother Nathan cos Big Bill has gone off on a school outing for a WHOLE WEEK! Mama is trying to be terribly brave about this, but I know that, whilst she is really enjoying the peace and quiet without the Bernard warmonger, she is nevertheless missing my big brother lots and lots and lots!!!! Don't tell her I'm on to her though ...

And here I am with William's Godfather Bertrand, who's trying to talk to me in Welsh here .. or is it Breton?

A bientot folks for my next riveting epistle!!!

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