Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NATHAN Gordon Raymond Bernard

Ok, now I’m starting to really get into this! I am now going to tell you all about my brothers and things they got up to before I turned up! Now I will make a confession, I think my two brothers are just FANTASTIC! I swear, no little girl in the whole wide world has brothers as doting as mine! This is Nathan, he was born in 2001 so he is nearly six, and really looking forward to this forthcoming chronological step! Nathan is a poised little boy with a great sense of humor – he likes to dance with me whilst I’m in my little trotter, we do waltzes, boogie woogies and the occasional tango. He wiggles my arms in all directions and I giggle furiously cos this is tremendous entertainment! This is my big brother Nathan when he was about my age eating chips – do you think we look alike? Most people say we look very alike and that we could be clones, but I’m not sure I really agree with that – I am a far more delicate little build!!! Nathan is the sportier of my two brothers, he loves running and in fact recently won the School Cross – he came first out of the three local schools! Pretty cool dood eh? He also loves football and Papa thinks he’s got lots of potential to rival with Zidane and Beckham … but his football activities are limited to the garden and the local gymnasium at the moment, next year he wants to join the local football team, so we shall see! Can’t wait to watch him running across the pitch, my heroic brother! This is Nathan the first time he went skiing, in these pictures with his Godfather Laurent (who incidentally has just given me a little cousin called Lena! As Mama is her Godmother, I suspect we will be hearing LOTS about her on this blog in the future cos she is CRAZY about Lena!). At the risk of repeating myself (at nearly 10 months, my vocabulary is still a tad limited) : ISN’T MY BROTHER NATHAN A COOL DOOD???!!! And here are a couple more pix of my brother Nathan when he was just a little bit older than me. Isn’t my Papa a good looking geezer! My Mama loves him SOOOO much, and Papa loves Mama lots and lots too but I think she gets on his nerves sometimes when she nags … she says my Papa is an airhead but I think he is the BEST Papa in the whole world! And my brother Nathan is as good natured as my Papa, always happy, always giggling, often getting into mischief with his older brother, a really happy jolly bouncy little boy – in fact, I think this is the only PHOTO ever of my brother sulking! What a face on him!!! Gotta dash cos its time for bottle of milk and nappy change, but I will be back soon with a new episode about my other brother BIG BILL!!!! A bientot!!


Mama said...

Nathan, I must confess, you are simply gorgeous. What a lovely little noggin. I love you so much my little boy!

Stephanie, Maman de Charlotte said...

Hello Nathan, tu es un petit garçon très mignon, est ce toi l'ange gardien de ta petite soeur ?